Sunday, February 26, 2017

Spring Art Festival Calendar 2017

36x36, Deep Gallery Wrapped Canvas
You can find me at the following Art Festivals this Spring.  I hope you will stop by and let me know you get my blog, I would love to speak to you personally.

March 4 & 5, Milton, FL
Riverwalk Art Festival

March 18, Watercolor, FL
Art in the Park

April 8 & 9, St. Augustine, FL
Old Towne Art Festival

April 29 & 30, Troy, AL

3x3, with Easel, Easter Sundress and Bunny
For those of you that love mini paintings, I have been very busy preparing an assortment of Seasonal pieces as well and subjects that can be displayed year round.

In addition to the ultra mini paintings I  have also been working on some larger pieces.  There is a vast array of subjects, so you should see something new and different at my art shows this Spring.  I look forward to seeing you soon.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Baytowne Wharf Art Walk Begins

6x6, Beach Walk, Acrylic
Thank goodness the weather is not as bad as expected earlier in the week.  We may have a few shower but nothing like the Hurricane winds of Hermine.  I will be set up at the Art Show starting tonight through Sunday night.  The schedule is 5:00 to 10:00 Friday, Saturday, & Sunday.  Please drop by and let me know you follow me here.  Baytowne Wharf Art Walk is held at Sandestin, FL.

For more information on the music, driving directions or other questions go Here

Friday, August 26, 2016

Florida Sky

Florida Sky, 6x6, acrylic on deep canvas
Today's painting, "Florida Sky", is a small canvas depicting a typical Florida Summer Sky.  You know the kind, one minute there are all puffy and the next dark and full of rain.  If you have been following my work, or know me personally, you know I love clouds and skies with interest.  It is amazing to me how the sky can change from one shape to the next in a matter of a few minutes.  I have lived in several states and even overseas.  No one compares to our skies. That is why I love living in the panhandle of Florida.  I think it has something to do with the gulf stream pushing the moisture into our area but we have the most beautiful skies.  Not just sunrise and sunset but all times of the day and nights (although a fuller moon is needed to see them).

I had plans during the first 30 days of my retirement o paint nothing but skies. However, with my medical issues immediately after retiring I was unable to do that.  However,  I will continue my cloud studies in between all my other subjects as time allows as it was really a pleasure to escape into this sky while painting it.

If you have a beautiful sky photograph you would like me to practice painting, please send it to me. My e-mail address is here.

If you would like to see some of my other sky paintings I will have them with me at the Baytowne Wharf Art Walk, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights from 5:00 to 10:00 in Sandestin, FL.  This is Labor Day Weekend and there will be lots to see, do, hear, and taste.  Hope you come see me.  Please let me know that you are receiving this blog post when you stop by.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Footprints in the Sand

Footprints in the Sand, 16x40, Deep Gallery Wrapped Canvas
Like footprints in the sand at the beach we leave a mark on those lives around us. Some only a short time and others stay awhile. My goal in painting this piece was to share the beauty god has created in our sky, water, and sand. I loved how the sand crunches in the wet and squeaks in the dry.  The sounds, the smells, and the sights.  I know all that could not be "painted" but maybe some of it came through. I hope you feel the love.

"Footprints in the Sand" is a new piece for my up coming show Labor Day Weekend at Baytowne Wharf.  It is a night show in a beautiful setting at Sandestin, FL.  The Art Walk begins Friday night, September 2nd through Sunday, September 4th. Show hours are 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. each evening.

I have quite a bit of new work to share. New Christmas, landscapes, and animal paintings. I hope you will drop by to see me and let me know you receive my blog.  I will be in booth 18.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Using Mixed Paint

If you have been following my blogs you know that I had quite a bit of mixed flesh paint that I have been trying to use before it drys up.  Today's painting is another photo that I have been wanting to paint for quite some time.  It is of a Construction Manager and his Superintendent discussing an issue on the job site.  I loved the Construction Manager's body language.  Scratching his head trying to come up with a solution.  I also liked the shadows as they hit the unfinished wall.  The contrast of dark and light always makes me want to paint a subject.

This particular photograph was taken in Montevallo, AL in 2011.  I was told there was an issue that the window design did not allow the brick that will be added to the structure to sit properly.  They did work out a solution that day.  As with painting there is always new designs that will be considered in construction projects to make a great finished product.  I hope this will be the first of many construction paintings.

8x16 Dilemma, Professional Grade Acrylics

Inspired Photo

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Growth is a Good Thing

As an artist I want to always be growing in knowledge to make the best art I can make.  I do believe it will take a lifetime.

Today's share comes after I was commissioned to paint something for a friend who's grand child is due in July.  The painting commissioned required I mix flesh tones, since the painting was a large 20x24, I mixed a large pile of paint.  The painting did not need as much as I had mixed which left me with quite a bit left over.  So being the frugal artist (you know the always starving artist) I looked for a painting subject from my "one day I want to paint this" list and did a couple of figure paintings.  The first one was this one of my Granddaughter.  I have not shared it with you as I did not want to spoil the surprise for her mother.  You see this was her Mother's Day Gift from me.  Schedules being challenging it took several weeks for us to finally get family time with my son and his family to give her this painting.  I am happy with the results.  Especially since I consider my best paintings are Still Life paintings.

I do have a lot to learn about painting portraits, like mixing the right flesh and hair colors. With the success of this piece I have painted several more figure pieces.  I used more of the left over flesh paint from my commission piece mentioned above.    The post before this one you are reading was the second figure piece I did.  Did you see my "Last Dance" inspired by M. Fisher's painting.  It was done after this one.

I love that I have been able to use my mixed paint and to do art that I have always wanted to do.  However, the best part is I am growing.

8x8 Professional Grade Acrylics

Photo taken 2015

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Painting Large

Let me first say that I am happy to be back at my easel painting again.  It feels like it has been six months since I was feeling up to painting a large painting.  Not to bore you with a lot of details but my heath has not been good since last October.  After a surgery, physical therapy, and tons of time healing I am feeling better.  In fact I have the desire to paint again and not just paint but paint on large canvas.  Those of you that know me well know I love painting small 6x6, 5x7 and my minis.  Painting over 16x20 is a challenge.  I am so glad that feel up to the challenge of today's painting adventure.

The painting I am sharing with you today is piece called Last Dance.  It was originally painted by someone by the name M. Fisher.  I have painted my piece from that one as a study piece so as to learn how to paint flesh and fabric folds.  It is no where as beautiful as M. Fisher did but I am pleased with my results.  It is 24x30 on a deep gallery wrapped canvas.

To be frank, I have no desire to be a portrait painter but love the idea of painting figures that tell a story.  I liked the original for that very reason.  I see the girl telling us a multitude of things.  It could be either that she is exhausted from all the dancing or that no one asked her to dance.  I love that about this piece.  What do you see/feel the story of this piece to be?

Last Dance a tribute to M. Fisher, 24x30, acrylic

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

On Track with New Year's Resolution

Each January I make a New Year's Resolution in my Art.  As with most resolutions they usually do not make it all the way to December.  This year's resolution is to paint more "painterly" or "abstract".  I am happy to say I am still on track.  Yippee!

Today's post reflects some of my painting since making this resolution.  I am still working of photographing and correcting the file size so it will post to this writing on my other pieces.  I hope you like the adventure I am on this year.

20x24 Gallery Canvas
9x12  Raymar canvas Panel

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Weekend Art Show in Destin, FL

This weekend, October 24 & 25, 2015, will be the Mattie Kelly Festival of Arts in Destin, Florida.  I am very please to say I will be one of the artists exhibiting my art.  Saturday's hours are 9:00 to 5:00 p.m. and Sunday's hours are 11:00 to 5:00.  I hope you will stop by to see me.  I have been very busy with new larger paintings as well as my ultra mini's.

They will have transportation available.  You can park your car at Beall's Department Store on Highway 98.  They will have buses running every 10 minutes both days.

Click here for more information on the event or directions.

Today's painting is a commission piece and is about 98% complete.  Just need to add her collar and a few other minor details but I want to share so that if you are looking for a Christmas gift for a loved on you might consider a portrait of their furry loved one.

Missy Girl 12x12 (Sold)

Photo of Missy Girl

Monday, September 21, 2015


"Success:  To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.  This is to have succeeded!"

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love this quote by Emerson and I hope that I have indeed succeeded in my path on this earth.

As most of you know that follow my art most of my paintings are on the smaller side.  Not just my mini paintings but my 5x7 and 6x6 that I love to paint.  Today's painting is the largest painting I have undertaken and to my surprise I was able to capture the likeness.  This is always my desire when I begin a new painting.  The struggles and triumphs are all part of the process.

I am very pleased and hope you enjoy it as well.  I know Flamingos are not every one's cup of tea but if you love birds and color you can't help but pause to look at it a bite longer, well that is my hope at least.

This painting will be on display at this weekend's art show in Daphne, Alabama.  27th Annual Jubilee Art Festival with be held in Old Town Daphne, Alabama on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m..  Old Town is located on scenic 98.  If you need further information click here to go to the Chamber's web site.

30x40 on Canvas

Monday, August 31, 2015

The Count Down Begins

My fall Art Show events begin in just a few days.  I am looking forward to getting out to see all my art fans and catch up on what you have been up to.  My first show is this weekend, September 4 through 6th, at Baytowne Wharf Art Walk in Sandestin, Florida.  This is one of my favorite shows as the location is amazing.  They have something for all ages with an merry-go-round for the youngest, an arcade, rock climbing wall, zip line, and trampoline for the older children.  For the adults the most amazing music, food, and of course ART.  I have been working on several new larger pieces since last year.  I hope you will stop by and see what is new.

With this being Labor Day Weekend the Art Walk is being held in the evenings Friday, Saturday and Sunday beginning at 5:00 p.m..  My booth will be located near Another Broken Egg and the trolley stop.  Click here for more information.

In addition to my larger art work I have added over 20 new miniature paintings since my retirement from the other job, they come with their own mini easels.  I have something for the gardener, dog lover, foodie, and much more.  Below is only a small sampling of the mini paintings.  Most are two to three inches in size.

I will also be in Daphne, Alabama at the Jubilee Festival,  Destin, Florida at the Festival of the Arts in October, Ocean Springs, Mississippi for the Peter Anderson Art Festival in November, just to name a few locations this fall.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Daily Painter Announcement

Hello Art Fans,

I am happy to announce as of August 1, 2015 I have retired from my position at the law firm and begun the Daily Painting routine.  Although I may not paint everyday, I do plan to paint four days a week or more.

The art shown today is my first artwork since my retirement.  As you can see I am am trying new subject matters.  Don't be discouraged, I will still paint the interesting still life's and animals that you love so much.  They are still my favorite too.

With football season just around the corner today's painting "Osceola" is for those Florida State Fans.  He is 16x20 painted with Professional Grade Acrylic Paint.  I will have smaller prints available in the next couple of weeks.  Send me an e-mail if you have a special size request at Donna's e-mail.  I plan to print 5x7's and 11x14's that will frame nicely with a mat to an 8x10 and 16x20.

"Osceola" 16x20 on Canvas
Professional Acrylic Paint